Sunday, August 13, 2017

Waldport, Oregon

Tuesday August 8th – Sunday August 13th 2017

Driving further down the coast on Route 101 another 120 miles, it took about 3 ½ hours.  A lot of this route is inland so we couldn’t see the coastline, and when we did that stubborn fog combined with some nearby fires added to the haze.  Driving inland the last few miles to Rovers RV Park the air cleared and the sun shone just as the park advertised!
From Netarts to Waldport took about 3 1/2 hours.  Trip in RV is in BLUE.  Day trips as far south as Dunes National Recreation area in Reedsport is outlined in RED. 

Our first impression as we pulled into the tiny campground road was “Oh boy. This place looks really bad, and we are here for 5 nights!”  We discovered initial impressions can be deceiving, but those same impressions were shared by nearly all the other RVers here.

The site was probably the best in the place with plenty of room and a pretty good view of the river in behind it.  Nothing special, but was adequate. We were a little concerned by the fenced in doggie area beside us which is usually not a good sign, and a huge area in back where large dogs can run free. We soon discovered that the main reason people come here is because it is so dog friendly. We somehow missed that on their website. 

Over the next few days, Rovers RV Park ( it just occurred to me perhaps the name “Rovers” means “dogs?” ( How in the world did we miss the connection? ) became one our my favorite campgrounds.  The owners were constantly working to make improvements, plus they had cable TV (Which means Norm will not have to cuss Direct TV out again for lack of service! Yeah!) and free DVD’s, plus books that people can take if they would like. The biggest benefit here was their approval of RV washing, and working on your rig should you want to. “Knock yourself out” the owners said. Since we have not found a place to do that in months, that was such a big deal to us.

 They lit a huge communal fire pit each evening that most of the campers attended. I went several nights but Norm decided to stay inside. The people were very interesting, and definitely funny.  This older Welsh couple, who had just gotten their first travel trailer, entertained us with their stories of trying to park. The wife was afraid that after 60 years of marriage they may not make it to 61 after purchasing this tiny little trailer.  We roared with laughter!  It was great spending some time with a group of hilarious people.

Most everyone here had at least one dog, running free and playing with one another.  They never fought or barked.  Poop was collected as far our shoes could tell.  We were positively amazed!  Perhaps the secret to doggie happiness is doggie freedom?

These huge and delicious Oysters at Ona Restaurant in Yachats, Oregon were incredible!  I never had tried Oysters before this trip, now I am hooked!  ( I will never try a raw oyster, however )

We started out our stay in style by going out to dinner at Ona Restaurant and Lounge in Yachats, about 25 minutes south. Parking in this small but popular town was terrifying due to the aggressive maneuvers people were using to snatch that rare parking spot I was about to pull into.  When I hesitated to pull back into traffic, obnoxious folks leaned on their horns to voice their disapproval.  By the time we were able to park, that special martini was all I could think of, and boy, was it good!

We constantly saw Tsunami evacuation signs all over the west coast, but never saw one indicating a route up a set of stairs!  Very unnerving. 

The fog and smoke was still with us, but over the next few days we headed both up and down the coast, seeing the sights in our car that we otherwise could not in the RV.

Norm and I laughed when we saw this sign to Boston clear across the country.  We lived very close to this same Route 20 when we lived in Massachusetts.  It also reminded me just how far away from family we are!

I spent one morning booking flights to visit our kids when we get back.  I miss them so much, we are going to go crazy when we see how our grand-kids, ages 4,3 and 2 years old have grown.  That is definitely the downside of this fabulous trip.

Our brakes in the car have been scraping so we wanted to have those checked at the local Honda dealer.  The appointment was at 3PM so we drove around killing time and having a scenic picnic lunch overlooking the beach.  They looked at it very quickly and assured us there was nothing wrong.  I emphasized that the emergency brake was not working even when put to the floor ( which it shouldn’t do ) but they insisted it was fine.  I was skeptical, but hey – “if it ain’t broke don’t fix” they say!  Driving off the scraping noise was still there but we were glad it checked out ok.  Perhaps there was just dust on the rotors.

Stopping at a random parking lot, we climbed up over a small dune to this very beautiful sight!  I just had to go back and get my camera!
During the next couple of days we drove around checking out several beaches, many overlooks, and the Heceta Lighthouse where the ranger gave a brief talk and tour. 

Several volunteers gave tours of the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon

Although tired, we wanted to check out the sand dunes at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Extending 40 miles from Florence to Coos Bay, Oregon its sand dunes can reach the dizzying heights of 500 feet above sea level! Speaking of “dizzying” check out the short video where I choose to roll down 100 foot dune.  I got a little dizzy, and a lot of sand in my pockets!  Let’s just say I won’t be too quick to do that again anytime soon.  We didn’t drive the entire length of road where these sandy marvels beckon travelers since we have seen plenty of sand dunes in our life.  We just wanted to see a BIG one! 

Wait for me, Norm!  Walking in deep sand while trying to take pictures was slowing me down!

We had to check out where all the noise was coming from, and watched these crazy people ride almost vertically!  

As we headed back the fog rolled in and within minutes hid the most photographed lighthouse on the coast.  Luckily, I pulled over, jumped out and got a picture before it disappeared.  Norm was wondering what the heck I was doing, then couldn’t believe how it was there one minute and absolutely gone the next! 

As we were driving back, I swerved to the side of the road ( view point ) then grabbed my camera and  jumped out to take this picture of Heceta Head Lighthouse as it suddenly peeked out amid the thick soup-like fog.  I scared the crap out of Norm.  A minute later, it crept back behind the fog.  How neat!
We timed our visit to Devil's Churn during low tide.  Boy, there are so many warnings!  

There was a very well built path down to the rocks so people can watch the incredible force of the tides as it "churned" its way into shore.  People however ( we were among them ) climbed further out to get a closer look at nature's power. Norm and I, however, stayed away from the edge.

This stupid fellow obviously did not give this ocean, or the many warnings, the respect they deserves!  He was so lucky he didn't get swept off the rocks!  

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

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