Thursday, August 3, 2017


July 11th-13th, 2017

Next stop: The "Harbor City" of Nanaimo, BC

The trip to the remote, western side of Vancouver Island from Victoria is rather long, and definitely challenging due to what we understand to be  steep and twisting roads, so we decided to stop in Nanaimo for a couple of nights so Norm could be "fresh" when he undertakes our next drive.
It was challenge getting into this site, but once there we could catch a glimpse of the ocean views, and the size of the site and its privacy was quite good. 

The campground, Living Forest Oceanside Campground was quite interesting.  It was quite wooded, but some sites were on the water, and others, like ours had a water view.  We met a group from Oregon next door to us, and joined them for happy hour.  They were very curious as to our continuing itinerary, and gave helpful suggestions as to where to eat and things to do at our various stops.  They invited us to call them when we are near their home area so we can get together, which we will do.

During our brief stay we recuperated from the physically demanding visit we had with our ultra-fit relatives, and broke the day up with a short but pretty hike around a peninsula, then had a great dinner at an authentic British pub.  We also explored the downtown a bit.

The weather was glorious late in the afternoon as we had cocktails and dinner at the authentic British Pub, Crow and Gate in Nanaimo.  The gardens surrounding the outside seating area were spectacular.

We took a short walk around this peninsula and enjoyed the view of the water.  Unfortunately it was low tide, so it wasn't as pretty as it might have been with more water in the bay.

We didn’t do too much, but sometimes you just need to relax a bit. 

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

August 17 th – 19 th ,2017 We were so surprised to see what looked like Customs down the road.  Did we take a wrong turn? I thought...