Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

August 17th – 19th,2017

We were so surprised to see what looked like Customs down the road.  Did we take a wrong turn? I thought we just crossed the boarder from Oregon into California?  What's this all about?  Come to find out, it was the "Citrus Fruit Police" making sure no one was bringing into California any potentially contaminating citrus fruit.  

Here in the Cave Junction National Park area, the forest fires nearby were becoming more noticeable.  The sky had a eerie hue, almost like a sunset. The air was definitely smelling of smoke from a large, out of control fire only 15 miles away. It was a little nerve wracking not knowing which direction the fire might spread. 

We heard about this cool saloon across the street, McGrews, which was also described as a wonderful restaurant, so decided to walk over and check it out. This is not something we typically do, but I was yearning for a little “gaiety”, and it's never too hard to persuade Norm if a beer is involved, and it was, after all 5PM the official "happy hour".

 Walking into this very rustic restaurant, we wondered where everyone might be. We checked out the bar to see if that was where people were hiding, and saw only two guys seated at the bar.  Long gray beards, and attire straight out of the 60’s.  Norm and I looked at each other, and simultaneously said “Oh, Boy!” One fella turned and gave us a big, friendly grin, introducing themselves as the Dooby Brothers !  That smile was hard to resist, so we took a seat at the bar next to them, and was both entertained and fascinated by their care-free marijuana-induced aura. 

Traveling around the country is all about seeing and experiencing the unusual and stepping out of your comfort zone when possible.  These two men called themselves the "Dooby Brothers" and were so darn friendly.! They willingly answered all my questions about marijuana.  How it is grown and how the different varieties have different "characteristics".  All very fascinating.  I have led such a sheltered life!  

This guy is quite the character!  In fact, everyone there was!

They explained how beer and whiskey chasers only enhanced their outlook on life, as he proudly showed us he collection of electronic e-cigarette devices or “vape” he called it.  Different type of weed for different affects?  Fascinating.  I have always been a “good girl”, and have never been around anyone that smoked pot or did drugs (that I knew of) so talking to these guys was “on the wild side “ for me! 

I ordered a simple Cosmo martini, but the bar tender didn’t really know how to make it. “I never had “fancy people” in here before.”  Fancy?  No make-up and old clothes not much better than hiking attire make us “fancy”?  This place is a hoot!

It appeared everyone in this bar were legal marijuana growers.  They hugged, laughed, and shared their “blends” with one another.  Maybe I have been missing out on something great.  I am too afraid to try any mind-altering drugs – I detest even have a booze buzz.  I am trying to preserve the few brain cells I have left!  Norm says he is very allergic to pot.  How does he know that, I wonder……..

Our new friend told us of this miracle salve he makes from organic herbs (most important ingredient is marijuana, of course) and bees wax that has cured his arthritis.  I showed him my still-swollen and sore thumb and he generously gave me some to put on.  Norm tried some on his knee, and thought it made it better, as well.  Later that night, I could have sworn my thumb took a turn for the better!  I was hooked!  Does that make me a junkie? 

The menu in this little rustic place in a town of about 500 looked quite good, it’s reputation excellent, and the atmosphere interesting to say the least, so we made reservations for the following night in their outdoor dining area, where we would also have the special treat of listening to a local band playing. 

At this point in the trip, I was definitely needing a “spouse-less” day, and to me, one cave is not all that different from another. Add the fact that the temperature was nearing 100 degrees, I quickly declined the Cave tour that would require a hike up a mountain in the heat and smoke.  Norm would never pass one up, and I am sure enjoyed his own “me time”.

I spent the few hours talking with friends and family and doing a few chores.

The next night we went back to the bar, dressed even more casually, while nervously looking over our shoulders at the beautiful sunset and the flame-red sky.  It was getting really close, but no one seemed to be more than a little concerned.

Sitting at our table we enjoyed the group immensely!  They started with wooden flutes playing soft music, then by night's end entertained with soft Rock!

Over the next 4 hours we were treated to a shockingly incredible meal that started with a free appetizer of fresh vegetables and homemade dressing, to the delicious main meal.  The waitress was friendly and apologetic for the very slow service.  Norm and I actually were glad that the meal stretched out for hours, allowing time to enjoy the entertainment and of course, a few additional beers and rather good wine. The Dooby Brothers, and then several other people, stopped by our table several times to meet us and chat. 
This band had quite a variety of instruments, and their sound was incredible.  One member was a long-time music teacher. 

I would be remiss to not say that this band was amazing!  They played a broad range of music from Celtic to classic Rock n Roll!  If they had a CD we would have purchased one, and that says a lot!

We stayed until the band finished, and walked back to the RV a little after 10PM.  What a great little town, filled with very happy people that enjoy a simple life of good friends, small pleasures and a very strong sense of community. 

The sunset was very pretty, but knowing it was from nearby forest fires was a little unnerving. 

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

August 17 th – 19 th ,2017 We were so surprised to see what looked like Customs down the road.  Did we take a wrong turn? I thought...