Friday, August 4, 2017

Black Creek, BC

July 17-20th,2017

Before we headed out on that incredibly steep road back to the eastern side of Vancouver Island we thought it a good time to check the fluid levels in the RV.  God forbid it break down going around one of those treacherous corners.! We found that the oil level, for some reason was low. Down to the “add oil” level.

The trip to the west coast and back was extremely steep, narrow and had narrow corners and turns.  Quite stressful, but worth it!

We carry an assortment of extra fluids, filters and belts just in case, but misjudged how much extra oil to bring. Luckily there was a gas station nearby where our helpful neighbor said they carry the correct oil for diesel engines ( he owned a tractor trailer company for years so I thought he was a reliable source of information ).  After adding the oil, we were on our way.

I guess because we had done it a few days before and knew what to expect, the road did not seem nearly as deadly going back. 

When we arrived at our next stop, Oceanside Playground RV Resort, we were at first a little concerned about our site.  It had very little maneuvering room to get in there, plus the people on one side had 2 dogs, and the RV we were forced to practically sit on top of had all the signs we fear.  Fenced in dog area ( that usually guarantees said dog is outside so it’s bark is better heard, and it can better see any other dog walking by so it can bark more frequently ).  There were also many small children’s bicycles around and toys befitting little boys.  Not a good sign.  BUT there was a beautiful little river to sit by and gaze upon! 
Backing into the spots here was extremely difficult since the rigs were packed in like sardines.  It's hard to know know what your site truly is going to be like when booking.  Most of the time campgrounds will photograph sites with one rig in every 3rd site.  Very misleading. 
We first masterfully backed in, because that was the way the services were set.  Then one neighbor suggested we park nose in to optimize our view, which we did.  Not easily, but we managed to squeeze our way in.

Although we are very close to our neighbors, our "spot" on the creek was one of the most beautiful sites to date!
We soon got to know our neighbors which were all very nice.  Other than falling over one of the dogs as I was setting up, they were all very well behaved.  The little boys about 6 and 8 years old, were probably the most well-behaved children I have ever seen.  Plus, the view was amazing!

Anyone that hiked up Mt.Washington, got a free gondola ride down.  We chose the Lintons Trail because it was a little more scenic.

Alison was feeling like the "Bird Whisperer".  This little bird was very friendly.
For heavens sake Norman, wait for me!
Once we got up to where the Gondola was, the views were terrific.  We started down at the arrow.

The next day Norm and I hiked up Mt. Washington which was a few steep miles, and were awarded with a few nice views.  We could see the smoke from the massive forest fires in central British Colombia from there.  Those hikers who made it to the top were awarded with a free gondola ride down, which we gratefully accepted.
OMG this hike killed me for some reason!

There were mountain bike trails down the hillside that looked like so much fun, but my thumb is still bothering me.  I must admit I have also lost some confidence in my new bike.  I think if I had taken my trusty 17 year old bike I would not have hesitated in the death defying ride, but it would not be good for me, or fair to Norm if I took a chance on getting really injured.  So I wishfully watched other bikers ride down.

From there we picked up a few groceries in a nearby town that would get us by until we had to cross the border back into the states. 

We had been waiting 3 days for the wind to die down and the tide to be right. I quickly assembled the kayaks, and we had a lovely paddle, ending back near our RV.  It's the one in the middle.

The next day Norm went to the golf driving range and I did some chores.  The wind had died down, and the tide was high when got back, so we went kayaking practically from our site.  It was beautiful with the water absolutely like glass out on the small bay.

When we got back Norm said his shoulder was bothering him due to the kayaking, but I would tend to guess it was a combination of the golfing/then kayaking that was too much. 

It was incredible weather while we were here. Actually warm enough to eat outside, but the area was just too cramped between rigs to make that a pleasant experience, so we had to eat inside yet again. 

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

August 17 th – 19 th ,2017 We were so surprised to see what looked like Customs down the road.  Did we take a wrong turn? I thought...