Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back to the United States

July 26th – 28th ( two nights )

After getting off the ferry without incident,  ( my dead battery miraculously started right up ) we got fuel ( we were able to postpone purchasing expensive diesel fuel while on Vancouver Island for the RV ) we went back to Elwah Dam RV Park which was nearby. 

This spot at Elwah Dam RV Park was very easy to get into, and the space between the rigs were adequate. No privacy however, but we often don't.  The chilly wind was howling so we were inside anyway.  Great for just 2 nights. Easy-peasy.

This time, we were pleased to find that our site was very easy to get to and set up.  The next day we spent getting provisions for our trip down the West Coast.

Cave Junction, Obrien, Oregon

August 17 th – 19 th ,2017 We were so surprised to see what looked like Customs down the road.  Did we take a wrong turn? I thought...